According to section 63 of The Bombay Tenancy & Agricultural Lands Act, 1948.

"No sale of agricultural land is valid in favour of a person who is not an agriculturist. However, Revenue officer authorised by Government in this behalf may grant permission for such sale under some conditions "

ONLY an Individual having Agricultural land in any state of India can purchase agricultural land/s in the state of Maharashtra. (Non-Agriculturist is prohibited from the purchase of agricultural land by law). If he/she does not possess land in his name, he/she can be referred to as Agriculturist / Farmer, if his / her parents or grandparents are Farmers in any state of India. If wife or husband prior to her or his marriage, either of is an agriculturist the other automatically becomes agriculturist and thereafter their children by succession.

The purchaser agriculturist has to produce proof of they being an agriculturist by attaching 7/12 extract in their favour at the time of execution/registration of sale deed for the Land he or she wishes to purchase. Also, they have to submit proof to the land revenue officer – Talathi of the respective village, without which ownership of such purchased agricultural land/s cannot be transferred.

If the person intending to buy land in Maharashtra is not an Agriculturist as mentioned above, then the only option left is to purchase land in other states where this rule is not applicable.

Every State in India has its own Land Laws. In Maharashtra and Karnataka, an individual can buy land only if they are termed to be an agriculturist as mentioned above.(you should be farmer in any State of India ).  In Gujarat, only a person having Land in Gujarat can purchase land in Gujarat. If he or she is a Gujarati, it doesn't make them eligible to buy land in Gujarat. They can't buy land in Gujarat if they don't own land in Gujarat.

Therefore in view of the above, A person who is not an agriculturist/ Farmer, can purchase Agricultural Land in Gujarat or MP ( Most preferred States) or any other State. You have to produce a certificate from the Tahsildar of that state stating your ownership of land and attach it to your document while execution of your Sale Deed in Maharashtra.

Can a foreigner buy land in India?

A foreign national of non-Indian origin, resident outside India cannot purchase any immovable property in India unless such property is acquired by way of inheritance from a person who was resident in India. However, he/she can acquire or transfer immovable property in India, on a lease, not exceeding five years.

Can NRI hold agricultural land in India?

An NRI or a PIO may acquire residential/commercial property by way of gift from a resident of India, an NRI or a PIO.  However, a foreign national of non-Indian origin resident outside India cannot acquire residential/commercial property in India by way of gift. A person resident outside India cannot acquire agricultural land/plantation/farm house in India by way of gift.


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